Research Interests
Biodiversity, Chemical Ecology, Conservation Biology, Plant Ecology,
Plant-Insect Relationship, Population Genetics


I am a researcher at the Department of Biology at the University of Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey. I have completed my PhD in 2009 under Prof. Dr. Kani IŞIK (Akdeniz University, Antalya) supervision.My research interests are related to biodiversity, conservation biology, plant ecology, chemical ecology, plant resistance to insects, plant VOCs, plant-insect relationships.  My Ph.D research consisted of studies on Turkish red pine (Pinus brutia Ten.)- Pine processionary moth (PPM) (Thaumetopoea wilkinsoni Tams.) relationship. Turkish red pine is a prominent native forest tree species in Turkey, due to both its economic and ecological assets. One of the problems faced in Pinus brutia afforestation sites is the attacks by PPM. The purpose of my Ph.D study was to look for if any PPM-resistant genotypes appear in Pinus brutia, and to determine terpene compounds that contribute to such resistance. The material of this study was collected from a clonal seed orchard near Çığlık, Antalya. I have also measured VOC emissions from different seedlings exposed to different level of pest attack.

My Ph.D research was funded by TUBITAK and Akdeniz University (Scientific Research Unit). A 2-year-long fund was granted to our project in 2007. European Science Foundation (ESF-VOCBAS Programme) and Centre of International Mobility (CIMO) have also supported our project by research grants at different times. I had a great opportunity to work more than 2 years (started from 2005) at the University of Kuopio, Finland in the Chemical Ecology Research Group of Prof. Jarmo K. Holopainen.


Prof. of Ecology and Botany
Department of Biology

Faculty of Arts and Sciences University of Pamukkale, 20070 Denizli, TURKEY

Phone (Work): 090 258 296 35 82 Mobile : 090 532 374 49 29